This time we are flying to the Sikkim in search of some Peace of Mind, we are in Gangtok now, you have to take around 1.5hrs ride from Pakyong Airport to reach Gangtok.


We are planning a trip to the East India from a time ago but that was not getting executed, but this time we cancelled all our trip and decided to go to Sikkim. We had a via flight from Delhi to Pakyong Airport via Kolkata. And had a cab to Gangtok, took rest in night and talked to the people to know about the city. We come to know about four places to roam on our first day and they were very satisfying.

Banjhakari Falls.
Gonjang Monastery.
Tashi view point (Mt. Kanchunga hills view ).

We had our breakfast in the hotel and we were having corn flakes, bread & butter and egg omlet with tea, I know that don’t sound like a combination to have but that was very important for us. We, kind of faced a problem in the hotel that they are not having the fans, although the weather was very pleasant but still sometimes you need the fan. That was raining outside but it stopped in some time. We were missing our bikes because the weather was awesome and we are wishing to ride them but still that was good.

We started our journey from a much known place which was Mg Road (why all hill station has this MG Road). We took the cab from the taxi stand and within 1 hr we managed to check in to the Banjhakari falls, that was not at that much height but still looks beautiful, the Voice of water falling is so satisfying that we just sit there for about 1 hr and spent our precious time. Then we moved ahead and reached the Gonjang Monastery.

The entire Gangtok will give you a calm serene feeling due to their pollution free environment but this monastery goes way above that. The view from the place is mesmerising as it is in between the hills and greenery. We reached around afternoon when the place was about to get closed so couldn’t stay in for long. However the outside huge gardens and the historical artifacts will keep you busy for a few hours. It is better to take the taxi to roam around the city as that is uphill. The red blue and golden painted monastery has a huge statue of Buddha inside. Tibetian language and monastic traditions are taught to young monks at the monastery.

You can practically see the whole Gangtok city from the view point. Then the Sun was about to get set so we ran to the Tashi View Point to see the sun set. That was very awesome, we were about to miss the sun set but somehow we managed to reach there at time. You can see the Mount Kanchunga from there, that mountain was turning gold in color as the sun is setting and that looks dope. As the sun was going down the temperature was rapidly decreasing as getting cold so we moved ahead to the last destination which was Ganeshtok, although the sun was already set but we decided to see it. We both are panting in cold as that was getting more cooler. We spent the time at Ganeshtok. That place was popular mostly for the view of the city and in night when all the light are on and there is no light of sun, that view turned into more beautiful location to see the city. You can have a look on the pictures we clicked in the city and on the locations and enjoy. This was the first part of the blog, stay tuned with us and tell us how was the experience you had reading this blog and if you have any concern, you can mail us Or by just commenting below.

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