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As we are staying here for long we come to know more about the place. This place is famous for its mountains and the atmosphere which gives the absolute pleasure to stay for as long as you can. So here are some more places we are going to visit in our this part of journey.

Gurudongmar Lake
Seven Sister Lake

These places took us to the most part of the North Sikkim and took around three days to complete the visit. we mentioned above only the main known places of North Sikkim, So as you are coming here you will going to listen about more small places in the mid-way so don’t quote us on it that we haven’t mentioned them in the blog.

As we told you earlier in the first part of the blog that the roads and atmosphere is very awesome as mentioned in the previous blog you will notice that things while going to the each and every place in the mountains on any hill station. So let’s take you to the first place which was in the mid way of our journey and that was very quiet and pleasant and the water was so clear that you can even see the bottom of the lake. Yes, that was Gurudongmar Lake and that was the best lake I have ever seen my entire life because the mountains by the lake are making that view more dreamy. We enjoyed there and managed to spent some time and had our morning breakfast there. And you can get this almost at every place of the Sikkim , Maggie, cause this takes less resources to make and more importantly less time.

Then we moved ahead in our journey and next stop was Lachung, a tourist place and a small town of the north Sikkim situated on the altitude of the 3000ft from sea level,  has majestic mountains all around that tempt tourists to travel here every year. It has several snow covered mountains, sparkling streams, peaks, amazing waterfalls and much more to keep you busy. It is the perfect tourist spot which guarantees you pleasurable holidays ,amidst apple orchards, peaches and apricots. We managed to get some fresh apples and apricots from the local farms too. That all took around our 3hrs to roam around Lachung and somehow we managed to leave that place. The next destination was very interesting that we are also eager to visit that because every person were telling us to visit that place. As told by the people that place was mesmerizing and huge as compared with other. Yumthang valley is situated around 23km from Lachung offering some breathtaking views of Katao range. The valley is generally covered with snow in the winters but offers some amazing view of Rhododendron sanctuary during the April May. The Lachung chu river is flowing through the valley with the yaks roaming around and mountains covered with snow or rhododendron: a real bliss for the travelers. That was our last stop of that day so we enjoyed that place for the whole time we had. We got the rooms nearby and spent the night there .

The next day is going to be very hectic because we still left with two places to visit and we had only that day to see them. We are going to visit all of them in that one day. So our first destination of that day was Lachen. That place was at around 2750M (8838ft.) from sea level, You can see almost everything you wish to visit on these type of places like a land of fairs and festivals, snow-clad mountains, lakes, valley of flora, fauna and a vibrant local culture. Chopta valley here is great to spend time just by sitting there & enjoying the view of Natural Magic of the valley. These things can’t be expressed in the word so I request you to visit that place by self. Then we moved ahead to the next and the last point which was seven sister lake, The name itself is so interesting that we were very curious to see that lake but in real that was a waterfall which we saw. As the name suggests, the seven different waterfalls harmoniously arranged sideways on a wide rugged cliff seem distinct if watched from a distance. It becomes a must see place in Gangtok after rains, when the falls come into a fierce life offering an awe-inspiring view. The gurgling water of the fall plunges out of the lush green vegetation plastering the rugged cliffs, falls over the limestones making a thunderous sound.

So this is how our this trip ended, we took the taxi to the airport and flew back to our home with lots of memories with us. I must say this to all of you readers that you must visit that place and see that beauty which is present In our India itself. You don’t need to go out of India to see such beauty and that is a very good thing that these things are available in India. So see you next time till then sit back, relax and enjoy your life.

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