Day 1 : Planning of trip.

So that was the day of summer and we are facing the sun of the bright day in Delhi, then suddenly a call from my friend disturbed me in my work and I was like why he is calling me this time in the noon. I picked up the call and behind that the person was ready to go to the “Hill of QueensMussoorie. As this was not expected I was not ready to go but somehow he got succeed in convincing me to go their but I was planning to take my friends too with us. So we decided to leave on Friday.

Day 2 : Leaving to Destination.

This was a road trip on bikes planned by that friend so we checked the best route to reach there and Google helped us well in it. So we left Delhi around 10:30 in the morning , and by around 05:00 pm we have reached the Capital of state Dehradun. By asking the locals and searching on the google maps, we got two ways to Hill station, one is around 35km long and one is around 100km long. So as we were there to enjoy, we took the long route,

We decided to talk a night hault in vikasnagar, which was around 40km from Dehradun. We started the journey ahead and what the view was that, we are just trying not to buy a property there in the lap of the mountain to live there for lifetime, but however we tried to manage move ahead and reached Vikasnagar in about 1.5 hrs which was just 40kms. We have a place planned to stay in night  there we all are feeling tired as we have ridden the bikes that much far, so we just went off.

Day 3 : Plan was About to fail and I was about to die.

Next morning had a great Surprise for us with him. We managed to sleep well in night but that morning was so rude with us that it rained. We asked the locals then we get to know that it was raining since last night. We all was shocked because our plan was just to fail. But then rain stopped half an hour ago and we somehow managed to move ahead. We took our bikes out and started the journey again. Due to rain it was a great day, all cloudy, somewhere foggy too and the temperature was reducing rapidly as we are going up hills, The way was that much satisfying that were stopping every 10kms to click shots because we were there a long ago. The way was just taking the right and left turn as we were climbing up. We stopped at a place and the reason to stop there was waterfall which was created due to that rain we faced in the morning. People was enjoying there as that was a tourist place and having fun in that waterfall. But we were already late to destination so we left that place in  about 10mins. But when you are getting late you will get more rocks in the way. We saw another waterfall just around 15km away from the older one but somehow we managed to cross that one too. Then around 20 kms before our destination we had another spot to called KEMPTY FALLS, that was also a huge picnic spot to peoples there but we also managed to spend around 2hrs in Kempty falls, there were too many thing to do, like rope cart, swimming under the falls, swimming in the pool, boat riding, and many more. But we managed to do boat riding and swimming in the pool because water in the falls was not that much clean and hygienic.

We enjoyed riding the boat then we are very  eager to go in the pool, but something big was waiting for us. Our whole excitement was, just gone away from our faces when I was drowning in the pools because this was my first time. I was saved by my friend next to me in the pool and managed to get out straight to the chairs, friend was calling me to come again in the pool but I was ignoring him, but then I gained my courage and stepped down in the pool. I was holding my friends hand all time when I was in the pool and stepped out after 10 min and changed our attire. We went out of that place, took our bikes and left to mussoorie as we are getting late to reach there. We reached MG statue in Mussoorie around 07:00 pm in the eve. But the main problem is that we don’t have any booking for our stay in night. Somehow we managed to book two rooms at reasonable price in a descent hotel. We got freshened up there in 30 mins and by talking to the manager of that hotel we got to know about the places to roam in the night around the hill station like mall road and we decided to check out other places the next morning. We ordered our food in the hotel but told them to serve it the room whenever we would come back in the night. So as we stepped outside the hotel and then we come to know that this is going to be more freezing because it was around 7 degree cold in the night so we took our foots back in the room, took some warm clothes on, then we stepped out. The view was getting amazing as we are stepping in the market of Mall Road. We didn’t shopped there because we already have everything. We just roamed around and have some coffee and the famous sweet corn and returned back to hotel. We took our proper dinner in the room and went to our beds.

Mussoorie, Uttrakhand (U.K.), India

Day 4 : In Search of More Places to visit.

Next beautiful morning was playing with us by taking us inside the clouds and then clearing everything every tenth minute. We planned our trip to spot called Laal Tibba, that was the highest point of that hill station. The roads was steep to that place but we managed to climb the road but it was worth going to that place. You can almost see the whole city from there and by the help of that big metallic binoculars we can see the Dalailama Temple Of china from there. But it was foggy so that thing went missed by us.

Mussoorie, Uttrakhand (U.K.), India

We had our breakfast there and played a POP THE BALOON game with a pistol and unfortunately we lost that. As we had another destination called DHANAULTI to go which was around 20km away from there. We decided to go there too. That was a park called The Eco Park with the pine trees all around the place. The place was more cooler than mussoorie as that was higher than that. We somehow managed to visit that place and had fun. We clicked many pictures there. Some of them are available in the blog too. Then took our bikes back to Vikasnagar in the night

The ECO Park, Dhanaulti, Mussoorie, Uttrakhand, India.

Day 5 : Back to pavilion.

The next morning, we left the beautiful mountains at their place and came back to our home with a new plan to a different place like that.

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