The First day.
I was not expecting this going to happen with me. A Huge Brand Called me to attend a seminar on web designing in the second largest Tech Hub of India. Yes, You are right That was Hyderabad, All thing will be taken care from that side, but I was not ready for that because that was an urgent call. That time I said yes to them but the plan was not about to get executed because I have to go to the different city that day for some personal work.
That was the day in the Mid Aug. 2018 and I was getting ready to catch the Volvo to the destination as I was not going to Hyderabad, suddenly I got the call that the plan is canceled now and that is rescheduled to the next week. I have already done all the packing. I suddenly got an email from that brand organizing the event from Hyderabad with my traveling details. They have booked a flight for me and done all the arrangements for stay. Then I again confirmed them that I am coming and took a cab to IGI terminal 2. I flew in the plane and that was a 2hrs flight to Hyderabad and the event was in the evening and I was the guest there.

I checked in to the hotel, got ready for the seminar and took the cab to the location. That was the awesome seminar focusing on the media and the internet to the social media influencing and encouraging the youth to that direction. I got to know that only 26% of the total Indian population has access to the internet in 2015 but still, we rank on 2nd place in the world.


I attended the seminar and came back to the Hotel. That was very surprising that they have a 3 day planned trip for me. The Next day, I had a call from that same brand asking about the feedback of the seminar and giving the information about the next 2 days places. I was about to visit about whole Hyderabad in these 3 days of the trip. My hotel was in the H-I-T-E-C City named place of Hyderabad, next to the Madhapur. There was a huge round shaped building called Cyber Tower.


The Second Day.
Our first and the most beautiful place was Golkonda Fort, that was a huge fort situated around 11km west to the Hyderabad main city.


That was very high but we climbed to the top of the fort and the view was awesome from the top. You can see the most part of Hyderabad from there and the view was also clear. We have spent almost the day there and enjoyed very much. Had our lunch there and managed to spend some time among the Telugu peoples. We came back to the hotel in the evening as that was getting a little bit cold. Another surprise was waiting for me with a goody bag and the awesome gifts in that. I had my dinner and managed to sleep well as I got tired climbing the huge beauty of Hyderabad. That’s how my day ended in the Tech Hub.


The Third Day.
I woke up in the morning and that was a beautiful day in Hyderabad. The normal and average Climate of Hyderabad stays around 22 C to 16 C. And that was very pleasant to roam the city. I got ready as the cab has already came to pick me up for the next destination which was Ramoji Film City. And that was large as not expected.


It is also a popular tourism and recreation center, containing natural and artificial attractions including an amusement park. Around 1.5 million tourists visit the place every year.


We have seen how movies were produced in Tollywood. They have their own resources to shoot, means all the things which might get used in the shoot of a Film are there including an Amusement park, Station, hills, etc. We roamed the Film City but one day was not enough to roam around the whole place. We visited the main places there and came back to the hotel in night.

The Fourth and the Last Day.
As scheduled, I checked out from the Hotel as that was my last day in Hyderabad, I was having a return flight to Delhi in the evening, A cab came and took me to the center of attraction of Hyderabad, The World Famous Charminar. We saw that monument and had the World famous Veg-Biryani as I am a vegetarian, but people say that the Non-veg biryani tastes more delicious. We spent much time there and in the evening, the cab dropped me to the Rajiv Gandhi International Airport with my return ticket in my hand. I took the flight and came back to Delhi. And that’s how my Hyderabad trip ended.

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